A conversation with Kyle Nicolaides

In 2013, my former band had the chance to join the Rockstar Uproar Festival tour alongside Alice in Chains, Jane's Addiction, Coheed and Cambria among other heavyweight hard rock staples. Sharing one of the smaller outdoor stages with us was a band by the name of "Beware of Darkness". Each day, I watched in awe as Kyle, Dan & Tony displayed some of the most energetic and authentic rock 'n' roll performances one can find. More substantially, however, was the level of songwriting behind the cascading distortion. With a knack for lyrics and melody and a heavy penchant for the classics, Kyle is an old musical soul that somehow manages to exert an air of novelty in today's sonic landscape. In this DMC, we trade notes on the bizarre world that can be the LA music scene. We also discuss some of the major internal challenges and hurdles he and the band have had to face in what still would be considered a nascent stage of their careers. Finally, I learn how the time he spent on semi-hiatus led to a massive turning point, not only for the band, but for Kyle personally, allowing him to contemplate the type of environment he wanted to create for Beware of Darkness along with the series of lifestyle choices that would begin to help him finally feel comfortable in his own skin.